Do you have a green swimming pool, algae, yellow algae, black algae, mustard algae, cloudy
pool water, or other swimming pool problems?

Did the pool water turn green to blue and then it went back to green?

If yes, then contact Menard Landscape & Pool at 205.563.6795 and we can make your
swimming pool blue, clean, and enjoyable.

We are the experts on making the pool water clear again. We can clear your pool water and
remove the algae without draining your pool.  

Need us to install or refresh your flower beds?

Tired of removing all of those annoying leaves?

Have any NAKED concrete inside or out that could use an affordable face lift?
We can apply our Decorative Coating to Driveways (concrete or asphalt), Garage                     
Floors, Walkways, Patios, Swimming Pool Decks, Business Entrances, and more.
We do everything from Acid Staining to a Stamped Concrete look, all for an affordable            

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